ANL TPM Video Conferencing

AAEM Collaboratory

"Live" Video Transmission

The ANL TPM Site supports the following three (3) mode of video conferencing technologies simultaneously. Just choose easiest method for your site..


Two way Video Conferencing using the TPM WWW System Browser is not possible at this time. You may view the images of any TeleConference in progress using the TeleConference Navigation Button on the AAEM/TPM Site, however you will not presently receive the audio over the network, but you can receive an audio feed using a standard telephone connection. One way audio transmission over the TPM WWW page is readily available, however it is not currently on-line due to the capabilities implemented in CuSeeMe and the MBone.


If you have access to the MBone, use your SDR Tool to access the ANL TelePresence Microscopy Site , full audio and video are linked there or as an alternative you may use CuSee-Me (Mac/PC) solutions that are outlined below.

Warning: I have found that very few people use the MBone, as a result I rarely leave an SDR session running any longer. If a TPM User needs an MBone Connection you should first Email me (


If you would like to participate in the TPM TeleConference Site you can do so using Cu-SeeMe Shareware Software developed by Cornell University. You may also download copies of the CuSeeMe Software from the Microscopy & Microanalysis Software Library below, however the latest versions are always at the Cornell Site.

The following ANL TPM TeleConference sites are accessible to anyone using CuSeeMe, the controlling factor is basically whether or not the various computers/software are running at the time you attempt to connect and at the location you are trying to reach. The addresses needed to connect using CuSeeMe to the various TPM sites are listed below.
If you want to try a Teleconference check out the AAEM Collaboratory Room View shown at the top of this page. The Room View is "live" and updated regularly. If someone is in the Microscope Room, then you have a good chance of getting through using Cu-SeeMe.

Multicast TPM Conference Room Site

This site provide Multiple Simultaneous Connections

The ANL TPM Conference Room , when operating, provides the ability for multiple users to hold a joint meeting, or for individuals to just Lurk in the background and listen/watch.

If you attempt to connect and receive a message saying

No Response from

this means that there is no conference in progress. You may then try an individual link to the other sites listed below.

Individual TPM Sites

The following are Single User to Single User Sites

If you attempt to connect and receive a message saying

No Response from

this means that TeleConferencing has been disabled locally by that user or that the user is connected to the Multicast Site.

Warning: The performance of the Video link depends highly on your network access speeds. If you are running over a modem you will NOT be able to recieve audio and video updates will be verrrrry slow.

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