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These sites allow you to view operations in the microscope room, status screens, and/or data being recorded by the various detector systems in operation.

Note #1: The connections to the AAEM & ASEM eLab's may be intermittent as software and hardware here are continously changing. You may not always be able to connect. If the link fails try again later.

Note #2: Each eLab Site will contain a short General Information Message near the top of the page. Please read it to find out any special details concerning experiments or operations for the current week.

General Description of TPM Project

The AAEM/TPM project is an on-going R&D effort at Argonne National Laboratory to provide live video imaging and remote control of unique scientific instrumentation for collaborative research and teaching. Standard WWW browsing tools, such as NCSA Mosaic and it's derivitives, do not provide the capabilities of presenting live video rate images from this site, nor the ability to operate instruments by remote control over the Internet. This WWW site will provide you with STILL video images which are automatically updated at preset intervals. You can envision how TPM would act on your workstation if you imagine each of the following images to be a TV rate image which is constantly updating with out your intervention, rather than one which is updated every few minutes.

The AAEM/TPM project team is developing and will be providing tools for the scientific community in order to facilitate interactive real time collaborations on state-of-the-art research equipment such as the Advanced Analytical Electron Microscope (AAEM) system which is one of two TPM testbed sites at ANL. You are welcome to monitor on this site for periodic updates on the project, or subscribe to the Microscopy & Microanalysis EMail Listserver (Listserver@MSA.Microscopy.Com) to be kept up todate on TPM. Please note that the Microscopy Listserver serves the world wide microscopy community on all aspects of microscopy and microanalysis, it is NOT dedicated to TPM.

For additional information on TPM you can access the executive summary (text) located on this site, or download a Graphic [55kbytes] rendition of the TPM/LabSpace Architecture download a graphic showing the I/O connections [78kbytes] in the AAEM Lab. You may also access the LabSpace home page which provides additional information on the overall LabSpace Project.

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