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          Welcome to the Micrsoscopy Society of America’s 
                             Anonymous FTP Site.

The MMSLib can be found in the public domain directory
(“pub” or “1-Public”)  of this anonymous FTP Site.
The directories “pub” and “1-Public” are identical and
are simple aliases of one another, choose which ever you

The directories called “bin”, “dev”  “etc” and “usr”,  are 
administrative files and are required by the FTP server
software. They contain no useful information for
you so please leave them alone and/or ignore them. 

We are in the process of transferring much of the old
EMMPDL and MASLib software libraries onto this site.
There will likely be some errors created in this process so
if you have problems or find a code which is corrupted
please send an Email Message to:


		-Your Friendly Neighborhood SysOp
			Nestor J. Zaluzec